maandag 13 augustus 2007

busy weekend

Hi everyone after a busy weekend i bring you a update .

so thursday was the start of some crazy creative out burst we went to BITTERZOET with the italian maffia and did some XSTREETS as a afterparty.

friday we took it eazy cause saturday was the opening of AEROSOL SYMPHONIES, it was very interesting, i liked the aproach of the theme, i specialy liked the work of MORCKY and THE BOGHE also LASER 3.14 was very creative in his work, you can still check it out.

sunday was again a chilling day i worked on some new idea's so thats not bad

and today ah fuck this day forget it quick and wake up tomorow with new a new spirit

later i will post some nice work



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bellebyrd zei

its busy

bussy means lots of bus rides