maandag 15 oktober 2007

umbrellART @ relizap

12 umbrella's of the umbrellART roadshow "LET IT RAIN" where showed at a event in Almere called RELIZAP this a event that brings different cultures and religions to each
other cause we as XSTREETS are down with this way of bringing people together.

we were honourd to show a part of our show there with some succes ofcourse cause we sold some umbrella's there

here are some pictures iof the event

the umbrella of MIA (Switserland) and ROBE (NL)

the umbrella of NOYA (NL) and IVES.1 (NL)

the umbrella of OEI (NL) and ZET (Switserland)

the umbrella of CERN YMI (New York)

the umbrella of SPICE (Australia)

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