dinsdag 21 april 2009


OOOOOH time flies,

When I blink my eyes BOOOOM couple of hours gone.

Damn I woke up this morning checkin my blog and I thought " I mis a lot of info on this thing"
so I said to m yself work ya ass of and load up some pics of all the things I have done and with all the news of what Im gonna do. So dont break ya face while ya break ya legs!!!

Dont know where to start........

1TH: STICK ME HARD 2 This exhibition will be held from May 14 to May 28 2009, in Brussels Belgium. I will particpate in this exhibition, I also try to be there at the opening night.

2TH: UPFEST this event will be held on the 6th and 7th of June in Bistol, England. MLSS and me will be there to paint live on UPFEST.

3TH: inspiration3 in Tel-Aviv, Israel This poster show is on the 21st of May, check the flyer.

Hope to see you on one of the exhibitions. Im not going to Tel-Aviv by the way.



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