maandag 14 september 2009


I recently recieved a message in my mail of someone who found a piece of my FREE ART, of the FREE ART FRENZY we did a few weeks a go.
The message made me so happy, I couldt recist to place it on the blog. so here it is including some pics.


Hi Ivesone!

After working 7 years at an office, I decided to just follow my heart and to work with what i love; Music and wood (I make wooden instruments). and also immigrate to france (with my wife and my boy) to be more in nature.

Friday 14 august 2009 it finally was my last day of work. So after leaving the office for the last time, walking through amsterdam a bit euforic and deep in thought about the magic flow of life. I all of a sudden bump into your beautiful ART. Not really understanding why this painting is just on the street, looking for its owner and wondering why so many people just walk past without noticing it, I just stand there looking at it. After a while I look at the back and find the message!!!

WOW, its not only great that I enjoyed it on the streets, I am the lucky new owner!!! It seems so appropriate, I almost hear Yoda speaking to me: "feel the force!"....... And I do, I really do!! It feels like a gift from existence for following my heart. A magic circle between the artist, existence and the lucky finder (me !!!!!!!!)

I am extremly happy with it, and it represtents something very special for me, cannot thank you enough for spreading your great art on this magical way. Thanks so much

Love and greetingz,


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