maandag 16 november 2009


In the weeknd of 7th NOV CFYE.COM organised the opening of a URBAN expo in Amsterdam.
Becasue of this opening 3 of my friends out of England ( FINNBAR, NINE-O and FARK) came over to join . Also INDIGO female stencil artist based in Vancouver hooked up with us . We also did two paintsessions, one session was in a empy building in Amsterdam. It was a cold day, but we rocked a massive wall with a CFYE.COM theme and SEXY CHICKS. in the night it was the opening of the expo, wich was a very nice and long evening. The next day, Sunday we painted in BOB's youth hostel. This was a great day. i painted togerther with INDIGO one whole Hostel room.

The whole weekend was a great expirience.

I wanna thank the whole crew for the lovely weeknd and BOB's youth hostel for the assignment.

For all the photos check or this link.



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