maandag 14 maart 2011



I have a new website with a very sexy layout :) This also means, my blog moved to my website.

this link will bring you to my new blog.

see you there


dinsdag 25 januari 2011


At the moment you can see some of my work in cafe "BOLHOED" on the Prinsengracht,Amsterdam.

Here are some pictures.

dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Keep it on the streets

After a little rest period of working on the streets, I finally hit the streets of Amsterdam.

I went on a 6 spot daytime journey, in the centre streets. here are some pics.



zaterdag 18 december 2010

New canvas in progress

Im working on a new canvas.

here are some progress photos.

zondag 5 december 2010

MENA400 was great

Last friday it was the gala of MENA400

At the gala was also a ART auction of 4 of my paintings. All 4 of theme were sold.

here are photos of the paintings.

I want to thanks Ahmed Lahrouz for inviting me and give me the chance to show my ART work.

woensdag 1 december 2010

Progress photos of some new paintings for MENA 400.

Im working on some new paintings specially for MENA 400. There will be an ART auction of 3 to 5 new paintings.

hera are 2 sneak previews of the progress.

dinsdag 23 november 2010

Litlle movie by VG about AANWEZIG party in Rotterdam

Check it out !!!!!

VageGasten movie

Whoep whoep

IVESONE in CJP magazine.

Here is the link to a article about the BANKSY movie and streetart in Amsterdam. With and interview with fAKE,XS and me (IVESONE)


check it out !!!!!

maandag 22 november 2010


I will do a LIVE paint job and have a auction of 5 of my new works at the GALA night of MENA400 in the KRASNAPOLSKY hotel in Amsterdam.

I will make 5 new works specially for this night, the art works will be for SALE at this night. Also I will do a LIVE PAINT action.

I will keep you updated on more NEWS.

JAMESON party 27 November

Jameson invited me and Recal to do a LIVE paint job at a VIP party they organize.

So we get to paint in the Stadschouwburg (city theatre) in Amsterdam.
We will do a JAMESON theme painting. Pictures will follow after the ACT.

LIVE painting at "AANWEZIG" party in Rotterdam

I was invited by "VAGEGASTEN" to come with them to Rotterdam, where they were painting at "AANWEZIG" a cool creative party.

I went with the train to the party, when I arrived I was impressed by the NICE location. The party was in office building on the top floor, PENTHOUSE stilo :)

Around 22:00 we started painting till 02:30. when I was finished the real partying started, the organization took great care of us.

It was a great night, thanks to all the boys of VG and the guys of AANWEZIG.

AAF 2010

First I will start that I will keep my BLOG updated a bit more. hahaha

The AAF 2010 was succes, i did a live paint session, with RECAL on the VIP opening. In the next following days, there was a lot of public checking at the ASA stand. I even sold some ART work.

Thanks to everyone helping at the stand and the organisation of the AAF.

donderdag 7 oktober 2010


RECAL and IVESone will do something special at the AAF in Amsterdam 25 October. More news will follow ASAP

the AAF is:

woensdag 1 september 2010

Today I finished the window I did for !SYOU a new sneaker brand from Amsterdam.

They liked THE BUSHITS so redesigned one of there shoes, Recal also made one. Then I designed the plan for the window, now its all visible on the Vijzelstraat in Amsterdam for 2 months.

Here are some pictures.

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Interview CJP magazine

Today I went with fake to the pre-screening of Banky's movie "EXIT TRUE THE GIFTSHOP"

We had the change to check it together with some people of the Dutch press. In a cinema in the office of A-film.

afterwards we got interviewed by a journalist of the CJP magazine. This is a magazine for youngster in Holland.

this interview will be released, in the week before the official release in the cinema's in holland.

dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

MeBike Wolrd Championship of Dream Bikes

Upcoming Friday there will be the start of MeBike Wolrd Championship of Dream Bikes.

I got invited to make a team of 3 creatives. I made my choice for Recalone and Jullian.

Together we will compete against other teams from all over the world. We get 24hours to rebuild a origanal bike, to our dream bike. At Saturday there will be a race to close to competition.

Please come and join us.


vrijdag 6 augustus 2010


Upcoming Sunday there will be a art SALE.

several artist will sell there work for very good prices.

So take your friends with you and check out this new show

maandag 2 augustus 2010


Last week I got a call of the GO gallery, If I liked the idea of making a idea for a show with only CHOCOLATE.

If you know me then you would know, I would go mental.........

So of course I said yes, after a meeting with the chocolate brand. They came to he conclusion to let us make the project.

So at the moment me and Recal are testing chocolate.....mmmmmm. No we are not eating it, we are testing the chocolate for our creative plans.

I will keep you all updated about the project.

Only thing i can say the project will be all about eating and will be in the end October, beginning of November.



zaterdag 19 juni 2010


At the moment Im in Spain, making some great walls.

I wlll upload new pics when Im back.


dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Project ASA

After a whole week of opening ART shows dong afterparty's and even afters of the afterparty's. I finnaly found some sleep.

I will write a nice story about the whole week ASAP, but here are allready some pictures.


dinsdag 18 mei 2010


The first show of the Amsterdam Street Art week is . NO CUTS, NO GLORY. This show is allabout the stencil artist of the line-up.

The show will be at BEP gallery in the west side of Amsterdam.

Check the flyer for more info.



donderdag 6 mei 2010

Project Amsterdam Street Art

Hi everybody,

Im one of the artist on the LINE-UP of Project ASA. This project whil take from 8 till the 12th of June in Amsetrdam. There will be several different ART shows and some massive party's. Offcourse we also will do some paintings in Amsterdam.

Check their website :

see the poster for the whole LINE-UP. Its the lick.



maandag 22 maart 2010


On the 9th of April Xstreets Collective is having a night full of art, music and fun!

Walk with us and our not-so-average-tourguide MC DRT trough all the windows of BEP gallery in Amsterdam Oud West. The walk starts at 21:00, so be 20:45 at Bellamyplein!

Our last stop is Streetlab_ Projectspace, (Meneer de Wit) Postjesweg2, where we will having a nice party with free entrance, free drinks and free candy! The funk and hiphop sounds will be arranged by Die Schallplattenpolizei, dj Samidi, dj Koldun, MC DRT, KSK and L2N.

We want to thank BEP gallery, Jameson and Streetlab_ for making this event possible!

woensdag 17 maart 2010

Stencil top 5

Just recieved a message of Brooklyn StreetART gallery They told me Im in the stencil top 5 curated by Samantha of SHX

Im proud to be in the list, Thanks guys

link to the top 5

dinsdag 16 maart 2010

Assignment " Josefien"

Just finished this portrait of Josefien.

zondag 14 maart 2010



My trip to London, started on Thursday in the morning. i was still sleepy when I arrived @ Waterloo station. I went straight to Leake street. just to check it out.

After a great day with my sister and niece, I met up with NINE-O.

straight back to Leake street, to paint my fisrt stencil in england.

Then I went to my man Finn, where i stayed for my days in London. Thanks BRO.

On friday I went on a litlle tour, true town to paint some streets stuff. i also went to GRAFIK GALLERY, for a visit. In had a great meeting over there. I did some paintings and I habg a canvas in the gallery. Also there will be a litlle SURPRISE soon. GRAFIK and IVES ?????

on Saturday me andf NINE-O went for a trip to Pompey (Portsmouth) to paint but the important thing was to hook up with my man FARK.

I painted on the hordings in the centre of Pompey.

On Sunday I went for a paint session at the footbvall stadium of Portsmouth. Wich was a great day. bit windey but hey we will manage.

Later I took the train back to London for the last night at Finns place.

Monday i did some studio work @ Finns place.

I had a great weekend.

I wanna Thank NINE-O, Finnbar and Fark for all the arrangements. You guys rock


donderdag 18 februari 2010

JOKERBAMA on the streets

Did some JOKERBAMA stencils on the streets of Amsterdam.

zondag 3 januari 2010

Interview on Cult TV

Check this item that Broodje made for Cult TV. An interview with me about Xstreets and the 'Here We Are' exhibition.

maandag 21 december 2009


Last saturday SKATIN CHINCHILLA and me did a live painting at the NGAGEMENT GALA.

We painted 4 portraits of world icons; Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley and Ghandi.

While all the guest enjoyd of live musiv and a 4 course Moroccain meal, we finished our portraits.

at the end of the gala there was an ART auction of our work. All four the painting were sold. It was a amazing night.

I wanna thank the orghanisation of NGAGEMENT for all the service and good vibe


donderdag 17 december 2009


Last saturday it was the opening of my group expo with XSTREETS streetART collective. I think it was a succes, some of our parents even took the plane to check our work out in the gallerie in Amsterdam. the whole collective was represent.

Everybody showed their latest work and some golden oldies.

for pictures of the show click on one of the links: LINK1 lINK2

please come and check it out. opening days of the gallerie are from Thursday till sunday from 13:00 till 18:00. on the VOETBOOGSTEEG 1, ABC treehouse gallery, Amsterdam.