zaterdag 30 augustus 2008

Slip Slap Slop

Slip Slap Slop

Opening Sunday 7 Sept. at 15.00
07.09 - 05.10 2008 part of show with Shane Waltener (UK)

What do you do with a birdcage, sugar, an egg and two pebbles? A sculpture maybe? Shane Waltener’s Slip Slap Slop exhibition at MKgalerie features some 15 sculptures from the Ready Steady Sculpt series. Assembled from the artist’s own personal belongings domestic ware, cooking utensils, artworks and craft items including pieces by Franz West and Zaha Hadid, these works survey the artist’s ongoing interest in craft and design practices and their positioning with relation the contemporary art object.

Alongside the sculptures, a large graffiti mural will be shown, the result of a collaboration between Waltener, DJ Spacemaker and graffiti artists, KOOS.F. If graffiti is about talking back and self-affirmation, it is also about speed. One works quickly before getting caught. With this in mind, the mural will be produced only days prior the opening, with each artist pooling inspiration from each other work as it is being produced, the sculptures on show and the music played throughout this time. Slip Slap Slop is the last of a series of Sweet Graffiti projects, initially conceived for Tate Britain in 2006, and further developed at the Fresh Paint exhibition at MKgalerie (Berlin) in 2007, Cooking and Constructing at Platform 21 (Amsterdam) and A World of Food Around You at the Teatro del Parco (Parma) in 2008.

Shane Waltener lives and works in London. is based in Amsterdam.
KOOS.F. in Rotterdam.
DJ Rotterdam

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